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Interesting Things to Know about Zippers

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 4:49:56 PM Asia/Calcutta

The man who first patented this amazing thing in 1851 was Elias Howe, the inventor of sewing machine. However, Elias did not paid much attention to the marketing of zippers, which made him miss the recognition which otherwise he would have received.

However, Whitecomb Judson in conjunction with Colonel Lewis Walker launched the Universal Fastener Company. It was in the year 1893, the public debut of clasp locker was made at the Chicago World’s Fair, but a little success was achieved. With few more efforts and moves, hired an engineer named Gieon Sundback, who with his innovative skills developed the modern zipper, as we see them now.

In the beginning, zippers were used for pouches and boots, especially for tobacco pouches and leather boots.  After a few years, the usage and trend of zippers finally arrived to garments, however, it first came to menswear. With time and popularity, these fastening devices were being used in several other items.

Today, designer wear for women is one of the most popular items being embellished with modern zippers. Be it a stunning trouser, a wedding lehenga, a formal shirt or just a casual skirt; zippers are being used in these fashion garments to make them more trendy and stylish.

While there are endless varieties of zips in the market, for designer wear, lightweight zippers which are called as Invisible Zippers are being used. Fashion stores and designer boutiques prefer to buy these zippers because of their superior qualities. First, these are extremely light in weight which makes them blend with the garment seamlessly. Secondly, invisible zips are available in varieties of colours, so buyers have the choice to choose according to their requirements.

Buying zippers for fashion wear is now an extremely easy affair as you can buy them online. Let us know if you are looking forward to buy designer zippers! We would be more than happy to hear from you! 

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