One of the most popular and highly appreciated companies or brands in the world of zipper is YKK.  Its a Japanese company which has maintained its supremacy for the last over 6 decades and even today its the major zipper manufacturer in the world.  YKK was first started in the year 1934 and set up factories in Japan before gradually expanding overseas. Today YKK factories or offices are located in 250 different global locations and the YKK brand serves around 50 countries.

YKK Zippers are being manufactured in different types and of materials and find the usage in Apparel, Soft and hard Luggage, Furniture, Military Uniforms, Footwear, Industrial Workwear, upholstery in Motor Vehicles etc.  There are several types of YKK Zippers :

Concealed  - Its called concealed or invisible or hidden beause its sewn in such a way that zipper is not visible on the garment

Vislon  - Its a rugged Plastic or delrin zipper

Coil  - Its Polyester Coil

Metal Zippers  - In Metal Zippers, according to material composition and additional features, polish and shine, there are many varieties of Zippers like Manganese, Ever Bright, Excella, Shiny Gold etc.

Besides Zippers, YKK also produces Snaps and Buttons, Snap Fasteners, Jeans Buttons, Hook and Loop products, Plastic Parts such as Clips and Buckles,

The reason why YKK has maintained its numero uno position in the world is the great consistency with which its R&D Team, QC Teams relentlessly work to stay ahead of all others in quality, strength and all other related parameters.  This is why YKK brand has been the most favorite and darling of major global buyers and brands.

Appareldeck has identified one unique segment which was facing difficulty in getting original YKK brand Concealed Zippers due to quantities being low in the number of High Fashion Garments designed and produced.  First time in India, Appareldeck has brought the concept of delivering YKK Concealed and Golden/Antique Brass Denim Zippers ONLINE on  Around 700 houses have already started buying through Appareldeck and the number is souring. Selection from the carefully planned 47 Shades in Concealed Zippers is definitely an attraction.  Its extremely easy to order online.  Try once and you would surely place repeat orders.